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Stefan Ruiz is a photographer whose work I have always appreciated but I was mostly happy to see that some of sources of his inspiration were both partly drawn from the Italian and Flemish Renaissance… Vice produced a comprehensive documentary about his work and it is worth watching, especially because there is no real third parties overdubbing or adding their own mediocre editorial voices; he does most of the talking which is how this sort of thing should be done …..

The other video is a small documentary piece done on yours truly back in 2004 for Spark, a Bay Area show on the arts in Northern California(KQED). To this day it still makes me cringes, but, humiliation “is” an essential part broadcasting; Vice did a far superior job letting the photographer speak instead of editorializing, which often falls flat and makes for crap TV… Nevertheless, and to my great surprise, both pieces discuss the Flemish and Italian Renaissance portraiture styles as inspirational elements….

I have very little time today to be even remotely introspective or eloquent, or even both, so I will allow you to draw your own conclusions instead of editorializing…..Thanks for coming, please come again…..a


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I have two BFFs in this world…Koichi and Ken, this is Ken sleeping on the kouch……!

Running Dogs….

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Plus ca change, Plus c’est la meme chose….!

© Olivier laude- 2000.

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© Olivier laude- 2000.

Mo’s money…!

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Since this blog, as of late, has become particularly moribund, I might as well post bill paying work… which isn’t that much of an issue…. but since I had promised myself not to post commercial work way back when I began, what some dare call an adventure….I might have…..

But at this point my resolve has waned with time and the economy, my soul has wandered off in search of pheromones and my interest in keeping this electronic parchment entertaining and uselessly informational has fallen to an all time low….. which is by no means meant to demean the work below. I actually enjoy working on these projects. I love my crew, my clients and the roof over my head… without further “adooes”… What I really do for a livin’…. it’s a charmed life when you can get it…! (That one was for Samsung)…




Old testosterone doesn’t die, it just fades away…!

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Problem child…

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Enamel photography-”DUG UP!”/ The funerary Arts…1984 continued!

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Russell Kaye kindly inquired if I could post the age old recipe for printing photographs on enamel… I am probably right in assuming that he might wish to decorate his future sarcophagus with archival images of rainbows, clown cars, chimps and vaginas, as I already have done with me very own intergalactic ion rocket mausoleum…. shaped not unlike a Corsican Village Banana Cheese Grater™…. and large enough to house my deceased and heretofore multitudinously estranged family dynasty…… but…..I digress…

So, without further ados, you may follow this hyperlink and have a look-see, HERE unt HERETOOFORE … tutaloo mutha fuckaaaaaas….

The funerary arts…1984 continued….

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If you have ever been to an old school cemetery you probably came across portraits of the deceased printed and baked on enamel….Somehow, I dug up the technique and applied it to natural history as we know it, or what’s left of it…. Rest in Peace species…. 26 year old work…Gulp…!

John Chibadura-Raira Vana…

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