No T, just Ass … my Juliana Mieas..

April 25th, 2008 § 5 comments

Click to enlarge, and peer into my arse’s future…… and this has nothin’ to do with mules and donkeys. Just my ass, a scalpel and a little post operative pleasure to boot(no pun intended)…. Precarious, any thoughts on the matter, and don’t fucking tell me it’s not your bag of prunes(a pun, one intended)….


§ 5 Responses to No T, just Ass … my Juliana Mieas.."

  • Lot’s of ass around here of late. I enjoy the previous asses more.
    But good luck and mark the leg well.

  • olivier says:

    I am debating, as we speak, as to whether or not I should show mine, online. Not that I am embarrassed but I am considering as to wether I should wait till the stitches go in and make the whole image all that more exciting.
    May be a before, during and after shot. The surgeon would have to agree to shooting the bloody mess, which might be a difficult, you know fear of lawsuits, dropping a camera in the open wound with the possibility of forgetting about it and sewing it back in….that sort of thing.
    BTW: I hate all telecom companies-Worst corporations out there. Will someone invent a phone that exclude them….can’t wait for wifi phones. Might be a while…..

  • olivier says:

    BTW Darrell, how dare you objectify women that way….

  • I’ll worry about their asses you just take care of yours.

  • Alexandre says:

    Shit, that looks painful. It would appear that your brother is better educated in this matter, I will happily offer my advice with a little more details. As for the photography, I would wait, say 48 hours, adequate time for the inflammatory process and color hues to become most picturesque. Intra-operative shots are, of course, what you should be after. Your surgeon should have no problems providing the goods, a short tutorial on basic photographic techniques and he will good to go. I would give him the option of using large format for its contemplative quality and ability to properly judge his composition.

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