A Pearl’s necklace, Part trois: Or how P+G swam up river….

August 15th, 2012 § 2 comments

Recently completed an assignment for Bloomberg/BusinessWeek. Much ado about selling sundries to the Vietnamese; “tough on those agent orange stains, yet gentle on y’alls fabrics and shit…”. Anyhoo, (used by many people, usually mentally retarded, as a means of saying ‘anywho, or anyhow’.) as I was saying, on some other social media, I convinced the good folks in New York to let me use the “Hypsta”.
My mission, since I accepted it, was to, between thundershowers, illustrate that Vietnam is a demographically young country, which it is( 75% are under the age of 35, “Hey, you damn kids, get off my Cu Chi tunnels”…), that Proctor+Gamble, that tough, yet gentle Ohio sundries behemoth is raking in some Dongs ;and make it fun. The, my edit, is aqui; a dozen images within are pre assignments and were added to the mix to bulk it up, but editors were pre-informed(do you think it’s easy to pull this shit off in 24 hours in a city with 9 million crazed souls, I being one of them), unlike Jonah Lehrer, who wasn’t. Let’s see, what else; the images below were not published as I was told they were taken out of context and removed from their generic supermercado environment, which I was also told is some sort of ethical dilemma. Don’t ask…

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